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Should I stay or should I move?

  • Are you concerned about heating, cleaning a large home or caring for a big garden?
  • Is your property too large for you?
  • Have you often thought about moving but don't know how?
  • Are you aged 55 or over?


We understand that deciding on the right time to move is an important decision.

There are many reasons why someone might decide to move to smaller accommodation - here are some of them:

  • Difficulty using the stairs
  • Difficulty getting in and out of the bath
  • Difficulty keeping a large home warm
  • Difficulty accessing local shops and services
  • Difficulty affording the rent
  • Difficulty in cleaning and maintaining your home.


Planning for the Future

When planning for the future you need to think carefully about what difficulties you may currently have as well as thinking about what could happen in the future if your circumstances change.

Many people find the thought of moving overwhelming.  Therefore, we have created and developed a number of support packages.  We will work with you to help identify the best options for you and tailor a package to meet your specific needs.

We Can Offer

The support of our Housing & Support Officers who will work with you to discuss the options available to meet your future housing needs.

Who is Eligible for the Scheme?

Any North East Derbyshire District Council Tenant aged 55 or over.

How do I Apply?

If you are interested in this scheme or require further information, please complete the form below or contact our Choice Move Team on 01246 217670.

What Support Can I Expect to Get?

  • Support with guidance on identifying the best options available
  • Help with registering a housing application
  • Support to help co-ordinate the moving process


These are just a few things the Housing & Support Officers can support you with.  Each support package will be tailored to meet your needs and a plan developed with you to identify which areas you need help with.

Tenant Incentive Scheme

We also offer a Tenant Incentive Scheme to tenants who have been assessed by our staff as needing a major adaptation in their home to meet a specific medical need, e.g. a stair lift.

Rather than waiting for the adaptation, some tenants may prefer to move to more suitable accommodation.

Tenants who qualify can apply to move through Choice Move and their housing application will receive priority banding.  This scheme also offers assistance with the move in the form of a specific package tailored to meet the tenants needs.

For more information about this, please contact your Housing & Support Officer or visit the Adaptations section.


Image showing different houses

Under Occupancy Scheme

There are many reasons people may want to move to a smaller property.  The Under Occupancy Scheme is for tenants with an extra bedroom who are looking to downsize.

This could be due to:

  • Children leaving home and the house being bigger than they need
  • A larger house is expensive to heat
  • They may be affected by the reductions in Housing Benefit due to the Welfare Reforms
  • The home and/or garden are becoming difficult to manage and maintain

Whatever the reason, we may be able to help.

Tenants can apply to the Under Occupancy Scheme to see if they qualify for priority banding under Choice Move.  As part of the scheme, tenants may also be offered an assisted move package, tailored to meet their individual needs.

For further information about the Under Occupancy Scheme, please contact the Choice Move Team.

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