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Money Matters - Help and Support

Helping tenants identify what benefits and payments they are entitled to is a part of the work of our Financial inclusion Team.

They have helped people claim thousands of pounds in benefits and offered advice and information about how to make money go further; recent cases include:

Back Payments 

We were able to help a new tenant claim £6,600 in back payments.

Following a visit from a Housing and Support Officer the tenant was put in touch with our Financial Inclusion Team to check what benefits he might be entitled to.

A Financial Inclusion Officer visited him at his home and identified his entitlement to:

  • Housing Benefit
  • A Council Tax refund
  • His eligibility for State Retirement Pension payments – the tenant was over 65 but still working and did not think he could claim his state pension.

The officer was able to help the tenant complete his Housing Benefit Form and send off the relevant information. She phoned the Pension Service, with the tenant’s permission and completed the claim over the phone and also helped to identify that he was entitled to Pension Credit.

Under Occupation

We were able to help a tenant who was in arrears and affected by the Welfare Reform changes.

The tenant, a single person claiming Housing Benefit, was under occupying the property by two bedrooms and was therefore subject to a 25% Housing Benefit reduction.

The Financial Inclusion Officer helped the tenant to apply for Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) to help with the under occupation charge. As a result they received £20.62 a week for 26 weeks. At the end of that time the Officer helped the tenant make a fresh application which resulted in a further award of £20.62 per week for 16 weeks.

We also made the tenant aware of Personal Independent Payment – a benefit paid to people with certain disabilities which limit their daily lives and referred them to the Citizens Advice Bureau for additional debt advice.

The tenant successfully applied for the Payment and worked with the Citizen Advice Bureau to obtain a debt relief order.

Get Advice

If you would like to receive advice from our Financial Inclusion Team please contact us on 01246 217670.


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