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Asbestos fibres are strong and resistant to heat and chemicals. This led to their use in a wide range of building materials and products manufactured before 1980.

There are very low levels of asbestos fibres in the air everywhere as it was used so widely in the past. Exposure to such low levels of asbestos fibres are unlikely to harm people's health. Levels of fibres may be higher in buildings containing asbestos materials that become disturbed.

It is unlikely that the levels of asbestos fibres found in your home will be harmful but if you think you may have asbestos material in your home which is damaged or likely to be disturbed, you should contact us. We will arrange to have the material tested, if we have not done so already, and arrange any necessary remedial action.

When carrying out DIY work, do not sand, drill or cut materials which might contain asbestos.

Where asbestos materials are in good condition and undamaged then provided they are not disturbed, they do not present a hazard.

If you would like to talk to a member of our team about Asbestos, please get in touch using our online Contact Us form.


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