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Community Involvement funding for your projects

Funding for your Projects - Neighbourhood Improvement Budget

The Community Involvement Team supports local groups, initiatives and projects to make a difference in their community through our Neighbourhood Improvement Budget. One of the main issues that local groups face when trying to arrange an event or project in their community is funding.

There is a range of funding available for local groups but knowing where to look for the funding and how to access it can be a problem. The Community Involvement Team can support your group to make your project a success. They can:

  • Provide their time and knowledge in helping your group to apply for a range of funding by supporting you with application writing
  • Provide you with details of the Rykneld Homes Neighbourhood Improvement Budget and give guidance on whether your project meets the criteria to receive funding
  • They can help you with the promotion of your project
  • They can provide their time and experience to help you to deliver your project including support with the arrangements, using their range of contacts to gain additional support, help with setting up the event, support during the event or project and evaluating the impact of the event/project on the local community.


Neighbourhood Improvement Budget 

As well as support you to access a range of funding from all over the county, including Lottery Funding, we also have a Neighbourhood Improvement Budget which groups can apply to. Read the case study to find out more!

Since 2008, we have awarded Neighbourhood Improvement Budget (NIB) funding to various projects in North East Derbyshire to make positive impacts on your community. 

To apply for NIB funding, you will need to complete an application form and give details of your proposal, which will include all the costs.

Any groups wishing to apply for NIB funding have to meet certain criteria:

  • Groups applying for funding need to have a constitution (we can support you with this if required)
  • Funding will be available for projects that have been identified by the local community, which will help to fulfil Rykneld Homes' (and where appropriate, North East Derbyshire District Council's) vision
  • Funding will only be available to groups who have clear aims and will be able to evidence the impact the funding has on their community, this information will be required on the application form and within the 'End of Funding Report'.


To view the full criteria for funding, please read our Neighbourhood Improvement Budget information, criteria and guidance notes. Within these notes, you will also be able to find out more about the application process so you know what you need to do and the steps we need to take before any funding is awarded.