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Community Alarm and Telecare Service

Through our Community Alarm Service we can assist you to live independently in your home.  The service allows you to access help if you feel unwell, fall, feel unsafe or in need of help from the emergency services.

  • It provides peace of mind to yourself, your family and friends
  • You can choose how you would like to wear your alarm, either as a pendant or on a wristband
  • The service is monitored 24/7, every day of the year by a dedicated team of trained people at Tunstall
  • As part of the service you will receive an annual review. This is our opportunity to test your equipment, make sure our records are up to date and that you are happy with the service and it meets your needs
  • Your annual review will be automatically booked and you will receive a letter telling you the date of your appointment and if it is scheduled for the morning or afternoon. If you are unable to make an appointment you will be able to call us to rearrange it.

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