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Safeguarding Adults during Covid-19

DATE PUBLISHED:  24 April 2020

At home shouldn't mean at risk of domestic abuse

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Measures announced over recent weeks to tackle coronavirus (COVID-19) have seen people’s day-to-day lives drastically altered.

These changes are essential to beat coronavirus and protect our NHS.

The government acknowledges that the order to stay at home can cause anxiety for those who are experiencing or feel at risk of domestic abuse. There is never an excuse for domestic abuse, no matter what the circumstances are.

For anyone who feels they are at risk of abuse, it is important to remember that there is help and support available to people, including police response, online support, helplines, refuges and other services.

You Are Not Alone Campaign

All partner agencies have been encouraged to take part in the Government's Domestic Abuse Campaign, #YouAreNotAlone

Key workers and communities are being urged to take pictures of themselves with a heart drawn on their hand to show support for the campaign to raise awareness and encourage people to report domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse service for the Deaf community

The Deaf health charity, SignHealth, can provide domestic abuse support remotely for the Deaf community. They're expanding their service beyond London and the south-east to be able to support Deaf people throughout England.

The household isolation instruction as a result of coronavirus does not apply if someone needs to leave their home to escape domestic abuse.

The UK Government has issued information about support for victims of domestic abuse during the coronavirus outbreak.

The National Domestic Abuse Helpline - 0808 2000 247 - provides free and confidential advice, 24-hours a day.

At Home Shouldn't Mean at Risk - #YourAreNotAlone

Derbyshire Domestic Abuse services

If you, or anyone you know, is affected by domestic abuse, contact the Derbyshire Domestic Abuse Support Line.


People who are deaf, hearing impaired, or find it difficult to speak, can text and ask how the service can contact them safely.

If you are are in danger, or you think someone else is, always phone 999.

If someone phones 999 from a mobile when in danger and cannot respond to the Operator, they should stay on the call and press 55 when told to do so; they will then be connected to the Police - listen to their instructions.

Services to support domestic abuse victims and to receive referrals are still available during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Derbyshire Community Response Unit

Derbyshire County Council continues to co-ordinate a massive community response across the county to make sure vulnerable residents are supported through the coronavirus outbreak.

People who need help

The Derbyshire Community Response Unit (CRU) can help people if they don't have any friends or family they can call on and:


  • Are self-isolating because they or a member of their household is at risk
  • Are struggling to meet their basic needs because of financial, social or health restrictions
  • Are pregnant
  • Have underlying health conditions
  • Are aged 70 or over


The CRU can help with shopping, fetching prescriptions, or finding someone to have a chat.

How does someone get help?

  • People can register themselves with the CRU , or if they're vulnerable, they can be registered by someone else, such as a relative, friend, or professional.
  • Registration can be done either online, or by phone: 01629 535091.
  • Phone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 1pm.

People who are on the Shielded list

Anyone on the Shielded list and who has registered with the Government for help is contacted directly by the CRU to discuss what help they may need.  The CRU receives a daily updated list of those people who have registered.

Contacting the CRU

The easiest way to contact the CRU is via our email address - the email address should NOT be used to make individual referrals; please complete the online form referred to above:


If you want to volunteer

Could you help people in your local community who don’t have anyone else to call on during the coronavirus outbreak?

You could be asked to help with:

  • food shopping and delivery
  • checking up on people who are isolated with a phone call or online help to prevent loneliness and check whether there is anything they need
  • collecting and delivering prescriptions


Emergency food supplies

Derbyshire County Council is working with District and Borough Councils and local voluntary organisations, to supply food to vulnerable individuals and households.

Homelessness - Pathways of Chesterfield

Pathways of Chesterfield is a service for the homeless, and those at risk of homelessness, in Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire.

Pathways continues to operate during the Covid-19 crisis to support those who are homeless in Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire, and Bolsover.

They have made changes to their service to keep both clients and staff as safe as possible.  They will no longer be working from 120 Saltergate, Chesterfield, but will continue to support those who are still homeless, or who have been housed in temporary accommodation during this outbreak, via outreach.

Their phone lines are still operating Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, if people are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and need support - tel: 01246 498204.  If people need support outside of these hours, they should call Derbyshire County Council's out of hours number on 01629 533190.

During this crisis Pathways ask that people try and stay accommodated wherever possible as long as they are not putting themselves, or anyone else, at risk.

Pathways of Chesterfield

Safeguarding information for COVID-19 volunteers

Many people will be volunteering to help their communities during the coronavirus outbreak.

Unfortunately, we know some people, who want to exploit or abuse others, may use this opportunity to become a volunteer – this is only a very small number of people, but if people see something that doesn’t feel right, such as a volunteer being given money or inappropriate gifts, or crossing boundaries, they should say something.

Volunteers can help stop abuse and neglect

It's important for volunteers to understand how to spot the signs of abuse and neglect, and how to report any concerns they may have.

Volunteers should ALWAYS ACT and report any concerns they have. If they have immediate concerns they should contact the Police, or make a referral to Adult Social Care.

Top Tips for Volunteers


  • Be curious
  • Pay attention to how people look or behave 
  • Tell your coordinator or contact Call Derbyshire if you see anything that concerns you or if you have a sense that something isn’t quite right 
  • Safeguarding professionals can take things from there, so you do not need to investigate or enquire
  • ‘Think Family’- if you have concerns for any adults or children in the household you should report this.


The DSAB has produced a poster for volunteers about spotting signs of abuse and neglect and how to report concerns, which is available to download from the DSAB's website.

If you would like to volunteer, information about the scheme and how you can register online is available from the Derbyshire Community Response Unit.

Advice if someone is being abused, neglected or exploited leaflet

Our leaflet - 'Advice if you or someone you know is being abused, neglected or exploited' - is available to download from our website.

The information is designed to inform both the public and professionals how to recognise abuse and neglect in Derbyshire, as well as how to report concerns.

The leaflet is available in 4 languages:


Safeguarding adults advice for people self-isolating

We want to make sure that everyone who is self-isolating is safe.

If someone's not sure about an offer of help

If someone's not sure about an offer of help, they should ask the person to leave details, and then talk about it with someone they trust.  If they're not sure, they shouldn't answer the door.

Existing and trusted community groups

People should try to use existing and trusted community groups.  If not, is a family member, friend, or neighbour whom they trust able to help?

Reporting concerns

Ring Call Derbyshire on 01629 533190.

If someone is in immediate danger phone 999.  People who are deaf, heard of hearing, have a hearing loss, or are speech impaired can use emergencySMS by texting 999 from their phone, or use the NGT Relay Assistant by dialling 18000 from the app or textphone. 

If you, or someone you know, needs help during the coronavirus outbreak, information about the scheme and how to register by phone or online is available from the Derbyshire Community Response Unit.

Coronavirus-related scams


Derbyshire County Council's Trading Standards team is urging residents to be extra vigilant and keep themselves safe from scammers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Working with Derbyshire Police, Trading Standards Officers are urging people to be wary of possible new coronavirus-related scams being used by doorstep callers and online fraudsters.

British Sign Language videos about coronavirus

Several organisations have produced British Sign Language (BSL) videos about the coronavirus (Covid-19), including Sign Health, British Deaf Association and BSL Zone.

Sign Health

The deaf health charity, Sign Health, have produced British Sign Language (BSL) videos about the coronavirus.

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) Daily Updates from the government will include the provision of an interpreter on BBC 107 or 231.  Sign Health is also providing BSL videos of these daily updates.

Facebook: @signhealth

Twitter: @SignHealth

Instagram: signhealth

British Deaf Association (BDA)

The British Deaf Association's BSL video statement gives details about how they are looking into being able to continue to support the Deaf community with information and updates in the times ahead.

They are also providing daily Covid-19 news.

Facebook: @BritishDeafAssociation

Twitter: @BDA_Deaf

BSL Zone

BSL Zone are providing a daily news update as well as some live-stream sessions talking about different subjects that have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Facebook: @BSLZone

Twitter: @BSLZone

Instgram: bsl_zone

Emotional health and wellbeing

If people are feeling anxious, worried or overwhelmed at the moment, that's perfectly normal.

People may be worried about their health, the health of their loved ones, concerned about money or feeling stressed at home.

The good news is that there are lots of things that we can all do to look after our emotional health, even at this time.

Most of the ideas don't cost anything and we can start many of them right now.

Derbyshire County Council has collected together a list of websites, support lines, videos and apps with some great tips to help people look after their emotional health.

Derbyshire Healthcare mental health support line

Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has launched a new mental health support line.

Mental health support is available to Derbyshire residents of all ages from 9am to midnight, seven days a week 

The mental health support line will provide support to people who are in immediate distress, or help their families or carers to seek support. 

Who is the support line for?

The support line is for people who are experiencing increased mental health needs during the Covid-19 outbreak can use the service, including:

  • People who are currently supported by Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust with their on-going mental health needs
  • The carers of those currently being supported by Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust 
  • Other Derbyshire residents who are experiencing increased distress or anxiety at this time


Mental Health Support Line: 0300 790 0596

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