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Ridgeway in Bloom

Ridgeway in Bloom

Published on: 08/10/19

Rykneld Homes has helped to brighten up the Ridgeway area by providing funding through the Neighbourhood Improvement Budget for flowers and flowerbeds.

Ridgeway in Bloom

The Rykneld Homes Community Involvement Team received a funding application which requested £300 funding for the ‘Ridgeway in Bloom’ group, who said “The aim of our small group is to help the community of Ridgeway to maintain and improve the environment for present and future generations.”

The Ridgeway in Bloom group wanted to use the funding towards altering a large flower bed on High Lane and to replace bedding plants with perennials to help make it sustainable to maintain.

The group planted a total of three flower beds, plus flowers at the local Church and War Memorial. Ridgeway in Bloom also supply 10 planted tubs for senior citizens at Wren Park Close.

A member of Ridgeway in Bloom said, “We want to maintain and improve the happy community who take pride in their environment. Being at the approach to the village this redesign shows residents and visitors what a beautiful environment we live in and gives everyone a welcoming feeling to a clean and tidy village.”

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