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Family Seed to Plate Activity

Published on: 18/09/2018


We recently asked a few questions to one of the families who come along to our North Wingfield Seed to Plate sessions, read on to find out what Vicky, Anthony, Aiden and Oliver had to say!

"We first heard about the Seed to Plate sessions when Jason Sadler from the Rykneld Homes Community Involvement Team came and knocked on my door to tell us about the local project. We realised it’s something which we could all do as a family, and that was free! The kids really do enjoy being outdoors and doing things, so Seed to Plate gives us some quality family time together." 

Seed to plate family photograph

How long have you been coming to the allotment project?

Vicky said, "We’ve been coming for 2 years since Oliver was 3 years old but the site has been in use for around 10 years now I think." Oliver added in, "And I’m 5 now!"

"We started up at the top area of the allotments planting apple and other types of trees and we’ve now moved further down and progressed to what we have now."

What are some of the things you get up to here?

Anthony told us, "I’ve made all the raised beds that we now use to plant things in, helped to put the shed together and laid the concrete slabs for it's base. I come to the allotments every other night to water the plants and collect anything that is ready for picking."
"We water, grow, harvest, cook, and more!" said Vicky.

What do you think to Rykneld Homes being able to offer this free project for the community?

"I think it’s a great opportunity for the local community. There’s lots more potential here, both for people and the site itself. There’s been plenty of progression over the last 12 months with the flower beds, polytunnels, and shed and it’s nice to see how far we’ve come."

What do you enjoy the most?

"It’s nice to come here and get away from things. It’s lovely to see the kids enjoying themselves outdoors. They always say to me things like 'let’s go up to the allotments and see if we can find any big marrows today!' and other things like that. It’s probably the family time together that I enjoy the most though."

When do the sessions take place?

Every other Tuesday from 3:30pm - 5:30pm. All of the sessions are completely free, open to all, and we hope that more families will get involved! 

You will be provided with all the tools and knowledge needed to get you started on a healthy diet with home grown ingredients.

To get involved please call the Community Involvement Team on 01246 217670 or pop into the North Wingfield Community Resource Centre.

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